Which Comes First, Health Insurance or Life Insurance?

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Which Comes First, Health Insurance or Life Insurance?

Are you millennials who are making plans for the future? Don’t worry, it’s not an exaggeration. Of course, it is very important to think about anticipatory steps to prevent things that are not desirable. No one knows what kind of future awaits us, right?

When determining the plan, one that comes to mind is to make insurance, either for yourself or for certain assets, so that we can provide protection to ourselves and our assets in the form of a sum assured claim. Some examples of insurance that we usually hear are life insurance and health insurance.

The two terms at first glance look similar in function, but did you know that they are two different products? Indeed, if you make the two insurances, the benefits of both will complement each other and the protection you get will be more leverage. But when faced with the situation of choosing one of the two insurances, which one should you choose?

There are several things that can be taken into consideration before making this choice. Let’s look at the following discussion.


Of course, before making a choice, what you must know is what insurance is so that the difference is clear.

Health insurance is an insurance product that allows you to get guaranteed costs when you or the person registered with the insurance gets a health problem. So, this insurance product will pay for costs related to your treatment such as hospital fees, surgery costs and drug costs.

While life insurance is an insurance product that will provide a certain amount of funds as sum assured if you or the person registered with the insurance dies. These funds will be given to his surviving heirs. Keep in mind that the amount of this fund depends on the amount of premium you pay as a policyholder.

Determine your personal needs

If you have found the difference between the two insurance products, the next step is to determine your needs. If you are single, especially if you are a fresh graduate who just got a job at a company with a health expense reimbursement facility, you can consider opening health insurance.

If you are married, you might consider making life insurance if you want to provide dependents or inheritance to your family if you die.

Claim Procedure

After determining the choice of insurance product, it is also important to find out more about the fund claim mechanism of the insurance product you choose so that you can prepare to adjust it to your needs. A number of obstacles experienced by insurance customers or policy holders are in the claim stage. Therefore, you should fully understand the procedure before deciding to choose an insurance product.

For health insurance, there are usually two types of procedures for claiming funds, first with a card system, where the insurance company concerned will directly pay bills related to the policyholder’s treatment, such as hospital fees.

The second procedure is a replacement or reimbursement system, where you as a policy holder will be required to pay the medical expenses first, then the insurance will replace the funds you have spent after filling out the insurance claim submission form.

As for claiming funds from life insurance products, there are steps you must take, namely:

  • Fill in the insurance claim form
  • Bring the original policy
  • Bring a doctor’s certificate explaining the condition of the policy holder or those registered with the insurance, whether critical, permanent disability or death
  • Bring a death certificate from the local civil service
  • If you have time to be taken to the hospital, also prepare a corpse certificate from the hospital or local health office
  • If the cause of the condition is an accident, make an accident certificate from the police
  • After the insurer checks the completeness of the file, then the party registered with the insurance will be given policy benefits in the form of basic dependents.

In the end, your personal needs and conditions are the main to determine which one should come first. If you have a history of certain diseases, it’s better to just make health insurance first. But if you want to protect yourself and your family in the future, it’s not limited to trying life insurance. The most important thing is to start early for maximum results.

It is also important to remember that in determining insurance products, looking at the background and actions of the insurance company is also important. Several times there have been cases of policy holder customers being cheated because they did not receive their funds. Be careful in using insurance services that are fully oriented towards protecting customers.


Hopefully this article can add insight and make you wiser in choosing insurance. Thank you for visiting, see you again in the next article.

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